Transform Your Business: How The MindBody Integration with Klaviyo Unlocks Powerful New Features

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By Ben Timlons

Introducing Mindbody Integration with Klaviyo Product Features

In an effort to improve customer experiences for wellness businesses, Klaviyo has partnered with Mindbody, an online scheduling and business management software provider. The new Mindbody integration allows businesses to access comprehensive client information all in one platform, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences to their customers in this rapidly growing industry.

Bottom Line: This article is a must-read for ecommerce business owners or managers in the wellness industry looking to gain a competitive edge by providing a seamless, personalized customer experience through an all-in-one marketing platform.

As the demand for wellness services continues to rise, we expect to see even more advanced features related to scheduling, customer management, and personalization. Future integrations may encompass AI-driven personalization in marketing messages, advanced customer analytics, and increased flexibility in platform tools that cater to the unique needs of each wellness business.

Maximizing Revenue with Klaviyo and Mindbody

The Klaviyo-Mindbody integration provides access to a wealth of data related to appointments, classes, memberships, and purchases. With all this data on hand, wellness businesses can use the following strategies to drive more revenue and engage their clients:

  • Send personalized booking confirmations: Ensure that customers have all the necessary information for their upcoming appointment or class, such as date, time, provider, and preparation instructions.
  • Thank customers for their visit and encourage repeat bookings: Follow up with clients after their appointment or class, and offer promotions or incentives to encourage future bookings.
  • Promote membership programs to repeat clients: Target clients who have visited multiple times, but are not yet members, with information on the benefits of your membership program.
  • Deliver location-specific content: Segment clients by their proximity to your business or past visits, and send promotions or events specific to those locations to drive repeat visits.
  • Recommend complementary products based on booked services: Use customers’ service bookings to suggest relevant products or gear, either before or after their appointment.
  • Send booking reminders for repeat services: For clients who regularly book certain services, remind them to schedule their next appointment before your schedule fills up.

The Klaviyo-Mindbody integration empowers wellness businesses to offer personalized, engaging experiences throughout the entire customer journey. To learn more, review the help center article on the integration. Explore how Klaviyo helps wellness brands attract and engage more clients.