Unveiling the Secret Weapon: How Klaviyo Took This CMO’s Business to New Heights

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By Ben Timlons

An Unusual CMO’s Secret to Success: How Klaviyo Drives Growth for Caden Lane

Bryant Jaquez, the CMO of Caden Lane, a successful maternity and baby boutique, swears by Klaviyo as an essential tool for driving growth in his business. The brand has experienced 1,974% growth over the past three years and is now barreling towards 9 figures in revenue. Jaquez uses Klaviyo not only for creating and sending campaigns but also for utilizing its powerful data infrastructure for strategies that touch the entire marketing funnel. In this article, we’ll explore why Jaquez calls Klaviyo “a sidekick to growth strategy”.

Bottom Line: Discover how Klaviyo can serve as a customer intelligence platform with powerful data infrastructure, driving growth and engagement for your ecommerce business.

Klaviyo boosts profitability on channels beyond email

Jaquez found that Klaviyo adds significant value to Caden Lane’s social media giveaways. By including a promo code for those who didn’t win in the winner announcement email, the revenue generated from that email alone made the giveaway profitable.

Klaviyo helped Caden Lane hit 2022 BFCM goals

When Caden Lane was coming up short of its revenue goal for Black Friday 2022, Klaviyo came to the rescue. Jaquez pulled a report on total discount usage for the week, and the team realized they had the leeway to send a targeted discount to customers most likely to buy that day. The resulting email campaign pushed Caden Lane over their revenue goal while also beating their margin goal.

Klaviyo makes maximizing engagement simple

With Klaviyo, Jaquez can easily create segments of engaged and unengaged users to build and optimize reengagement strategies. The platform allows him to move fast, set up experiments, and iterate as he goes. One recent re-engagement win was a win-back flow, targeting high LTV customers who hadn’t purchased in the last 90 days. The order rate for this flow increased by 29% between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.

Klaviyo tracks ecommerce lifecycle KPIs, right out of the box

Monitoring core lifecycle KPIs, such as active subscribers, average open rate, and revenue by flow and campaign, is essential for Jaquez. Klaviyo’s default reports and dashboards provide this information quickly and easily, allowing him to spot growth opportunities at a glance.

Klaviyo makes the entire funnel more efficient

Jaquez believes Klaviyo to be worth every penny, as it touches the whole marketing funnel. The platform both drives incremental revenue at the top of the funnel by converting email signups and boosts engagement and LTV at the bottom with strategies like win-back flows.

Describing Klaviyo as a customer intelligence platform with powerful data infrastructure, Jaquez states, “It’s retention, it’s acquisition, it’s data insights into what your customers are browsing and doing and adding to their cart, and how often. I don’t think you can run a Shopify site without Klaviyo.”