Discover the Latest and Greatest: Klaviyo’s May Product UpDATES and Enhancements

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By Ben Timlons

Referencing a Klaviyo article that covers the latest updates to their e-commerce marketing platform, this post highlights the enhancements that come with Klaviyo May Updates | Release Notes | Klaviyo Product Features. Read on to learn about how Klaviyo has improved profile pages, introduced accessible signup forms, and launched a new integration with Buy with Prime, all to make your e-commerce marketing efforts more effective.

Bottom Line: E-commerce business owners should continue reading to discover the newest Klaviyo features that will make it easier to engage customers with relevant, personalized communication.

In the coming months, we can expect Klaviyo to continue its expansion into the e-commerce marketing space, forging partnerships and building integrations with emerging technologies and platforms. This will allow businesses to develop increasingly sophisticated customer engagement strategies to drive growth.

Redesigned Profile Pages: Find Key Information Quicker and Easier

Klaviyo has redesigned their profile pages to make it simpler to access vital customer information:

  • Suppress and unsubscribe profiles
  • Add profiles to a list
  • An updated activity log with the ability to filter by multiple event types

New Deliverability Tab for Flow Messages

Now, it’s simpler than ever to analyze your flow message deliverability with Klaviyo’s new Deliverability tab for flow messages.

Buy with Prime Integration: Action Buyer Data More Efficiently

Klaviyo’s integration with Buy with Prime allows merchants to:

  • Receive and action buyer data from purchases made through Buy with Prime on their DTC site
  • Use customer and order data to send personalized communications, such as automated abandoned checkout emails

Create ADA-Friendly Signup Forms More Easily

The new Accessibility Assistant lets you:

  • Monitor your signup form for elements that do not meet WCAG standards
  • Log issues with accessibility as Active Alerts

New Integration with Commercetools: Sync Data Seamlessly

Klaviyo’s pre-built integration with commercetools makes it easy to sync real-time and historical data from the commercetools platform into Klaviyo, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences at scale.