Unlock Rapid Growth with Klaviyo’s Powerful commercetools Integration: Explore the Game-changing Features

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By Ben Timlons

Introducing the Klaviyo-Commercetools Integration: Empower Your Ecommerce Business with Personalized Experiences

The world of ecommerce is evolving, and brands are increasingly turning to composable commerce—the flexible, modular approach to building tech stacks tailored to their unique needs. One such example is the recently announced partnership with commercetools, the leading provider of composable commerce, and Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform that focuses on providing personalized experiences across the customer journey. This integration promises to accelerate implementation and empower brands to stay innovative in response to market changes and evolving customer expectations.

Bottom Line: In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, the Klaviyo-commercetools integration offers brands the flexibility, agility, and personalization they need to stay ahead in the game.

Streamlining Implementation and Reaping the Benefits of Agility

For several commercetools merchants, the search for greater flexibility and agility in their marketing has been successful through Klaviyo, helping them achieve impressive results, such as SABA, which grew email revenue by 25% YoY. The integration between Klaviyo and commercetools facilitates quick implementation, making it easy for brands to synchronize their commercetools data into Klaviyo and start delivering personalized customer experiences across every step of their journey.

Greater Customizability at Your Fingertips

Not only does the Klaviyo-commercetools integration streamline implementation, it also allows for complete flexibility, as you can configure the code to meet your unique business needs. Easily access customer, product, and order records, and sync onsite metrics with Klaviyo regardless of your chosen frontend solution.

With data from your frontend and backend syncing into Klaviyo, you can take advantage of Klaviyo’s 300+ out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs to aggregate this customer data from across your tech stack. Moreover, Klaviyo’s powerful data infrastructure scales with your business, providing a single source of truth for every customer, and enabling you to deliver personalized experiences across all channels—email, SMS, mobile push, and more.

Real-Life Applications: True Personalization Using Unified Data

With the integration of Klaviyo and commercetools, your business can achieve true personalization using unified data through multiple avenues:

  • Automate cross-channel flows throughout the customer journey: With customer data centralized, create customer journeys that automatically trigger based on individual behavior, such as abandoning carts or making in-store purchases.
  • Create granular customer segments for targeted offers and product recommendations: Segment based on various metrics, such as products purchased within specific time periods, website browsing behavior, and loyalty tiers, to deliver content and product recommendations that are uniquely relevant to each segment.
  • Conduct smart A/B tests to keep up with customer expectations: Continuously test your marketing tactics and quickly determine which communications drive more opens, clicks, and purchases while ensuring the most effective content is sent automatically without the need for manual intervention.

With greater agility and personalization, Klaviyo and commercetools enable businesses to stay innovative and deliver outstanding customer experiences that drive revenue. To learn more about the Klaviyo-commercetools integration and how to access the open-source connector, visit here.