Discover the Hottest Products to Sell Online and Boost Your Profit Margins in 2024

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By Ben Timlons

Take a peek into the future with this engaging guide to products expected to trend in 2024. Based on expert analysis by Shopify (original article referenced here), this article provides insights, tips, and future-forward ideas for ecommerce businesses covering a wide range of markets, from beauty and wellness to home improvement and pet supplies.

Bottom Line: Grasp the trends of the future to shape your ecommerce strategy and significantly boost your sales with the forecast trends and top products of 2024. Your business depends on understanding the consumer zeitgeist, and this article takes you straight there.

Enter the world of 2024 – a time with rising trends in eco-conscious choices and an increasing demand for high-quality, specialized products. This guide provides insight on popular items that have the potential to shape customer purchasing habits in 2024.

Top Trending Online Products to Sell in 2024

1. Lip Stain

Make-up enthusiasts will be on the look-out for lip stains in 2024. This lightweight, long-lasting beauty product promises a natural finish and great durability, perfect for users seeking to revamp their make-up routines.

Marketing Tips for Lip Stain:

  • Collaborate with beauty influencers for broader visibility.
  • Create content demonstrating product versatility for different looks.
  • Offer a diverse range of shades for global appeal.
  • Promote customer testimonials to establish credibility and authenticity.
  • Run limited-time promotions to encourage sampling and boost loyalty.

2. Matcha

This green tea powder is renowned for becoming a wellness sensation. Its high antioxidant content and potential to boost mental clarity make it a hit among health-conscious consumers.

Marketing Tips for Matcha:

  • Emphasize its health benefits.
  • Collaborate with food and lifestyle influencers to increase reach.
  • Offer product samples to familiarize customers with the flavor and texture.
  • Produce informative content to educate customers about the history and preparation of matcha.

3. Power Tool Accessories

As home improvement becomes increasingly popular, the demand for power tool accessories continues to rise. This category spans a plethora of items suitable for a wide array of tools, guaranteeing a rich, flexible market.

Marketing Strategies for Power Tool Accessories:

  • Focus on visual strategies utilizing platforms like Instagram or YouTube.
  • Plan collaborations with influencers in the DIY/home improvement space.
  • Create original content showcasing the benefits of your specific products.

4. Dog Toys

In the booming pet care market, dog toys take center stage. They serve as a meaningful way to alleviate boredom and provide comfort for our furry friends.

Marketing Strategies for Dog Toys:

  • Cross-sell with other pet products.
  • Start a pet care blog to attract targeted traffic.
  • Sponsor pet-related events and shelters.
  • Offer price-match guarantees to encourage purchases.
  • Foster community participation by sharing user-generated content on social media.

5. Shot Glasses

Ideal for year-round sales, shot glasses can be customized, collected, or utilized at parties. Target a specific consumer group to kick start your sales.

Marketing Strategies for Shot Glasses:

  • Sell on multiple platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and social media sites.
  • Offer shot glasses wholesale to other businesses.

6. Costume Shoes

With Halloween around the corner, costume shoes are set to be a hit. They’re perfect for themed events or costumes, and the audience scope is vast, from millennial consumers to Halloween shoppers.

Marketing Strategies for Costume Shoes:

  • Promote your products visually via platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Partner with influencers to attract the millennial audience.
  • Run sales during the fall season to target Halloween shoppers.

7. Slipcovers

Due to an increase in remote work, home goods like slipcovers are growing in popularity. They’re an affordable option to protect furniture, making them a smart choice for households with pets and children.

Marketing Strategies for Slipcovers:

  • Partner with interior designers to extend your reach.
  • Run retargeting ads for individuals who have viewed the product but didn’t purchase yet.

8. Wall Plates and Covers

In this home-centered era, wall plates and covers are gaining popularity. They are available in a variety of styles, making it easy for consumers to choose the perfect match for their home decor.

Marketing Strategies for Wall Plates and Covers:

  • Use a pay-per-click advertising campaign to attract buyers.
  • Create bundled deals with other trending products in your store.
  • Partner with micro-influencers in the industry to target high-intent buyers.

The remainder of the list includes baby shirts, curtain and drape rings, cabinet knobs and handles, watch accessories, tumblers, model train sets, signage, wedding dresses, and table runners. These trending products, combined with the right marketing strategies, can position your ecommerce business for notable success in 2024.

Handle your business with foresight, seizing the trends of the future and leveraging them today. With this valuable guide on trending products for 2024, you’re now well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.