Discover the Ultimate Tools to Maximize Your Productivity and Streamline Your Workflow

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By Ben Timlons

The Success Beyond Launch: Streamline Business Operations with High-Impact Tools and Services

In the exciting yet challenging journey of ecommerce, adapting your business to maintain the momentum following a successful launch can be quite daunting. Today, we bring you a first-hand account from Que, a company that hit gold with their remarkably popular collapsible water bottle, and the subsequent challenges they faced in optimizing their workflow, as published on Shopify.

Bottom Line: Optimize your workflow with convenient and high-impact digital tools for seamless business operations that enable you to focus on growth strategies.

In the not-so-distant future, as more businesses are propelled into popularity through online platforms, the need for businesses to integrate sophisticated tools to optimize their operations will become even more inevitable. Strategies that encompass customer service, inventory management and financial operations will elevate companies in maintaining their competitive advantage in the dynamic ecommerce world.

The Top 4 Tools To Streamline Your Workflow

Co-founders Jean Wu and Kevin Shen of Que utilized a suite of digital tools and services post their viral Kickstarter launch to optimize business operations and focus on growth strategies:

1. ShipStation

ShipStation comes as the first tool suggested by Jean. This software facilitates management and coordination with multiple carriers for order fulfillment. It is instrumental in reaching your customers and takes away the stress of managing the shipping process.

2. Zoho

Once orders commence, the administrative operations kick in. Here is where Zoho plays an important role as Jean suggests. This all-in-one tool helps with bookkeeping, CRM (customer relationship management), invoicing, and inventory tracking to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with the administrative presumptions of owning a business.

3. Bench

Bench is the recommended tool for bookkeeping complexities, according to Jean. Bench helps keep track of spending and profits for a clear insight into how your business is performing.

4. Gusto

When it comes to the arduous task of handling employee payroll, Jean recommends Gusto. This tool ensures you’re maintaining good relationships with your employees by providing a prompt and precise payment system.

According to Jean, the beauty lies in the fact that these services are interconnected and provide a unified, efficient system for your business. The Shopify’s App Store is a treasure trove of apps that can blend effectively with your store, aligning all your business needs in one platform.

To gain further insights into the growth strategies of Que and how they approach product expansion, tune into the full episode of Shopify Masters.