Discover the Latest Game-Changing Updates in WooCommerce: Unveiling the First Edition

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By Ben Timlons

The Latest From WooCommerce: September Edition

WooCommerce keeps its community updated on product and ecosystem news through their monthly newsletters. They’ve just launched a new blog series that will expand upon their newsletter’s content. So, let’s dive into the highlights of the past few months.

Bottom Line: E-commerce business owners and managers should read this article to stay informed about the latest enhancements introduced by WooCommerce, ensuring they leverage the platform’s full capabilities for optimum business performance.

Looking ahead, it’s safe to predict that WooCommerce will continue expanding its features, focusing on AI-powered enhancements, and further worldwide integrations. This is likely to transform the ecommerce landscape by enabling more businesses to create robust and scalable online stores.

WooPayments Expands Global Availability

WooPayments, known for its seamless payments experience, has expanded its services to stores in 38 countries. Despite undergoing a name change due to brand updates, it continues to deliver its top-tier service.

Introduction of Woo Express

WooCommerce introduced Woo Express in May. This quick-launch WooCommerce service features must-have extensions, including hosting from WordPress. It breaks the usual trade-off between software as a service (SaaS) platforms like Shopify, and open-source options such as WooCommerce itself. Offering both flexibility and customization, Woo Express simplifies the store setup process by bundling extensions that help you publish products and start selling. Plus, it offers a 14-day free trial.

The Woo AI Product Assistant

Woo Express’s newest feature is the Woo AI Product Assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to generate professional product titles and descriptions from your own prompts. It’s an excellent solution for those looking to start and run a business, removing barriers by providing high-quality product copy at no additional cost. However, its role is not to replace your expertise. You’ll always have complete control and ownership of your site’s content.

Recognizing Outstanding WooCommerce Experts

During WordCamp Europe and US 2023, WooCommerce recognized the efforts of outstanding WooCommerce experts in different categories. These experts include vetted and verified experts who assist Woo merchants in managing and optimizing their sites.

WordCamp Flagship Events

The Greek capital, Athens, and National Harbor, Maryland, recently played hosts to WordCamp events where attendees enjoyed presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. At these events, attendees also had the chance to experience Woo In-Person Payments or Tap to Pay on iPhone in action.

TikTok for WooCommerce Extension

The TikTok for WooCommerce extension, first introduced in July, now allows you to connect shoppable posts to your Woo store. It enables you to sync your product catalog, set up TikTok Pixel tracking, and even build ad campaigns right from your WooCommerce dashboard.

Guides for New Business Owners

In recent months, WooCommerce has published a series of in-depth guides designed to help new store owners launch their businesses confidently. This includes those who have signed up for a Woo Express free trial but are unsure of the next steps.

Expanded Availability of Tap to Pay

WooCommerce’s Tap to Pay feature on WooPayments is now available on iPhone and Android in the USA. Additionally, WooCommerce is expanding the availability of WooPayments card readers. WooCommerce is committed to staying ahead of retail trends by expanding In-Person Payments and introducing barcode scanning, a feature highly requested by sellers.

Integration of Buy Now, Pay Later Providers

From WooPayments version 6.1, you can offer your customers the option to break their payment into installments through Buy Now, Pay Later providers, Affirm and Afterpay. You receive the full payment immediately while your customers pay in installments.

Speed-round Overview of Other Updates:

  • MailPoet with detailed analytics to evaluate campaign performance.
  • Custom Pricing enabling customers to name their own price.
  • YouTube Playlists and Product Gallery Videos for better video optimization.
  • TikTok Shop, an in-app shopping experience, allowing purchases without leaving the app.
  • Zapier’s Update Product Stock Quantity action for editing existing product amounts.
  • Zendesk integration offering enhanced customer support capabilities.

That’s a wrap for now!