A Peek Into A Millionaire’s Mindset

Millionaire Mindset

What is it that separates the rich from the poor? Is it bank account balances? Is it some hidden abilities that the rest of us lack?

When you really take a deeper look at it, you will find that it’s far more than bank account balances that separate the wealthy elite from those who are always living from one paycheck to the next. In fact, many of the major differences are seated firmly in our minds.

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 It’s the way that most rich people think that makes them different and as long as you can change the way that you think you too can become just as wealthy. When you look out into the world and see thousands of people stuck in poverty, it’s easy to assume that they lacked the desire to create wealth the truth, however, it is often much stranger than fiction and contrary to popular belief, it is not desire that holds most people back but rather their inability to actually make it happen!

Want to learn how rich people use their minds to get ahead and create wealth? Let’s take a ride into a millionaire mindset.

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A rich person always tells himself/herself that there is no shortage of money even when they don’t actually have it and happy enough of it rich person is never afraid to use other people’s money to fund their ideas. And if they don’t have enough money, they use other people’s money to make things happen in contrast to people who have almost no money rich people will always ask if their product or idea is worth investing in buying or pursuing. So here comes your first lesson: Stop procrastinating, trust your gut and just do it!

Another way is that the rich have trained their minds to get ahead is by setting their expectations extremely high! Most people in the middle class set their expectations low and according to many ancient philosophies you get out of life what you expect and since much of the middle-class set their expectations very low they end up with exactly what they expect to get. The unfortunate reality is that most people who are a poor set of expectations low because they’re afraid of failure. So just raise your expectations to new heights and unveil your ambitions.

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Start thinking of money as a game. In fact, most rich people think of income business and all of life as one big game and it is one that they love to win. Instead of holding on to it for fear of losing it, rich people look at money as a gauge for their achievements. There’s also the excitement that we all get when playing games and by viewing money as part of a game you can make the Monday fun and give you something to chase after every single day.

In their minds, rich think money as their friend whereas poor people tend to view money as a distant acquaintance that rarely ever comes around anymore, but rich people view money as a friend who can lean on in times of pain or discomfort. Many people think of money as a necessary evil that they have to live with which helps explain why they never seem to have enough of it.

 Being rich is a state of mind. Rich use their brain to block out any fear that comes on their way which doesn’t leave any room for fear. While living in this mental state anything is possible and to reach this level, you must permanently leave your comfort zone. You have to learn how to get comfortable living with never-ending uncertainty. 

Another mind trick that the rich use to get wealthy believes that happiness fulfillment and success are natural parts of life. The major roadblock that prevents most people from getting rich has their own belief the middle class tends to think that they struggle because they expect to struggle and most think that they aren’t worthy of attaining great wealth.

One of the most powerful psychological trick that has the greatest chance of helping you become wealthy is practicing the art of delayed gratification. Now if you look at most middle-class families, they’re always stuck living pay check-to-pay check because they haven’t learned how to delay gratification this problem affects you the most when you’re not extremely poor or wealthy and other words, you’re right smack in the middle. Maybe you generate enough income to pay your rental car payment insurance and food bills, but by the time the month is over you are back to square one and never seem to have any money.

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Most middle-class families are so concerned with maintaining the image of looking like they are rich that they get stuck in a financial hamster wheel every month the check comes in and it’s just enough to keep the wheel spinning until the next payday, they buy overpriced coffee and spend every penny they make living a lifestyle that they can’t afford and a large part of this mindset is trying to maintain the false image of being wealthy, but the majority of the problem is caused by an inability to delay gratification.

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As an example. I’m someone who is really into cars. In fact, I feel most at home, when I’m cruising the highway in a fast car just after midnight. With the money, I make I could go out and buy a decent middle-class sports car, but I realize that this is a poor choice because it’s my mind trying to trick me into instant gratification. I’m sure the sports car would be a lot of fun, but I don’t want to get stuck in the financial hamster wheel. In simple words, I don’t want to trap myself in a pool of monthly debt with each paycheck giving me just enough air to survive until the next payment is due. The smart move would be to delay gratification until I can comfortably afford my dream car with my disposable income.

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The temptation for instant gratification is hiding around every corner even in places where you’d least expect it. If you drive down almost any road in America, they are filled with, an endless supply of Middle-Class Cars unless of course, you live in certain parts of LA. In my hometown, I can count on one hand the number of Rolls Royce and Bentleys and Aston Martins that I’ve seen around in town. Yeah. I’m sure that the new Lamborghini would be a lot of fun to drive. In fact, I know it would be but by delaying gratification I can get my dream car and step into a whole other league of society in the world that we live in.

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