Difference between Online marketing and eCommerce

These two terms are often confused because of Ecommerce types like Affiliate marketing and drop shipping that revolve too much around online marketing. So, without further ado here is your answer. Ecommerce, as we all know, is basically doing business online by selling products/services or any other way. There are many different ways you can do e-commerce and literally sell anything online. Whereas, online marketing is a part of doing successful eCommerce and just refers to promoting those products/services. Accordingly, there are various ways to do this too.

What is eCommerce in detail

eCommerce, simply put is all the business you do online and is regarded by many as being the future. People nowadays want everything to be only a few clicks away. They want to know all about your product and if it is what they want without going through the struggle of getting out of their house. That’s where eCommerce comes in. No matter what kind of product/ service you want to provide whether it be medical, a luxury or a necessity, There is a place for it online. You can do this in a number of ways

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Difference between Online marketing and eCommerce

First of all, if you already have a business set up eCommerce would mean expanding your potential audience and clients without having to spend a lot of time. For instance, let’s say you own a small restaurant that specializes in Chinese food. You will make an online website of your restaurant where you will upload all kinds of different Chinese food-related stuff. Moreover, this will also make it easy for people to contact you and pass their reviews onto you. Lastly, you will also be able to market any new event or product that you are introducing and keep your audience entertained and interested. You could also offer them some coupons if they are regular customers and participate often in your online place. Lastly, and most importantly you will be able to take orders from people who don’t your contact details.

Using online platforms have become a necessity no matter what kind of business you run. Not using them in this day and age will stop your business from reaching its true potential so


there are various types of eCommerce and one of them is owning and promoting your own products and services. Some of the other include drop shipping, and affiliate marketing. Both of which don’t require you to actually make products or services but rather just promote the services and products of other people in different ways if you want to know more about these two types of eCommerce than we have written articles on these as well so do give them a look if you are interested all you need to know about affiliate marketing and Dropshipping

A big benefit

Ecommerce gives anyone literally anyone the power to start a business even without having any experience and sitting home. If you are a stay at home who likes to make homemade jewelry, you could start an eCommerce website and start following that passion of yours and try earning money through that. Or if you are a single dad who loves baking, you could make that commercial too whilst writing blogs about how you get prepared and what your special recipe is if you have any. As long as you have a skill or talent you could sell it as simply as that. This has what has totally revolutionized the life of thousands of people and still is every passing day. Lastly, if you are a

Online marketing

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Difference between Online marketing and eCommerce

Online Marketing as you might as well know refers to using online platforms to raise awareness of a product/ service and sell them. In this day and age of technology and advancement, there is no doubt about the importance that online marketing has. It can influence a huge lot of people, raise awareness, make your brand popular and even raise your sales if you do it right. You can do this in various ways too, through using google adds, affiliate marketing, SEO, writing interesting blogs and getting links from big already set websites.

The power of online marketing can be inferred by the fact that there are whole agencies that revolve solely around it. And many of them just try to scam businesses to buy their programs. They pitch the importance of online marketing and tell you how their techniques will be the best to get you traffic. So doing a bit of research before actually going to them is a necessity.. So, that you know that you are not being duped

Here are a few ways that online marketing companies might try to scam you:

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Difference between Online marketing and eCommerce
  • Long term contract: This basically means that after pitching you their authenticity and technicalities, they will try to get you into long term contracts, like a year. This would mean you having to pay them for a whole year. Even if they are not doing anything and you aren’t seeing any benefits. An excellent way of knowing if the marketing is legit is if they ask for monthly payments. This would give you the liberty of choosing another marketing firm if they are not doing their job right. Anf you would know that they are trying something every now then.
  • Double Selling: This refers to you buying the same services from two companies. After being told that they are different buy the scamming company pitching in different words to show its credibility. For instance, if you already have hired a company that does your SEO and PPC, another company might contact you saying that you also need SEM, which is basically the exact same thing and then sell you the same thing for even more cost, and sometimes even a thousand dollars more. So don’t be taken away the complex vocabulary and shun their pitch if you have a feeling about their authenticity

If you want to know more about the scams that marketing companies might pull on you. Medpb has written a great article on it discussing these. As well as many other Scams so give it a look too. I hope this article was helpful if you have any further questions do use the comment sections below. And cleared up your confusion about eCommerce and online marketing