How to make a website in 2020

Featured Image-Website making tutorial.

Why do you need a website?

Website is one of the most important factors in increasing your brands’ awareness simply because it is accessible throughout the world granted you have an internet connection. Secondly, it also makes your business look more professional and helps in fetching you, new clients.

How to create a website.

Now there are two ways to go about it. There’s a free way and then there’s a paid way.

How to create a free website.

In order to create a free website, you need to sign up with services like Wix or WordPress. If you are creating a free website I would recommend you to use Wix as it is fairly easy to build a website with it due to its WYSIWYG editor.

How to create a paid website.

In order to create a paid website you need a couple of things forehand :

  • A domain name.
  • A hosting service

STEP 1: Setting Up Hosting and Domain.

As this website itself is hosted on Hostinger I would recommend that you use the same provider. They provide cheap hosting as well as domain names and their plans are by far the cheapest and their performance is sometimes even better than the other giants in this industry. So log onto Hostinger and choose your desired hosting plan.


As I already mentioned they provide some of the cheapest plans in the industry and here is the overview of the plans they do provide. I would recommend you to buy the cheapest plan if you are starting up as it only costs 80 cents a month, yes you heard me right only 80 cents. Now you are probably thinking there must be a catch to it, but there isn’t, believe me, there isn’t. I myself am using the 80 cents a month plan and its been the best investment I have ever done. Like, come on man who hosts a whole damn site for 80 cents a month only.

hostinger plans

Now that you have chosen your plan its time to get to the backend of the things. So sign in to your provider’s account and follow the steps. The backend might be different for you as Hostinger uses hPanel instead of cPanel but you’ll get the gist of it.

hostinger backend

Now that you are in your hosting settings first you’ll need to connect your domain to the hosting, if you buy the domain and hosting from Hostinger then I think they do it for you but don’t quote me on that. If for some reason you buy a domain from another provider then you have to route that domain to Hostinger’s nameservers as I did. First, you have to log in to your domain providers’ account and then go to manage the DNS settings of your domain. After that just input the nameservers of your hosting. In my case, I used Hostinger so I had to input Hostinger’s nameservers.

dns management

STEP 2: Installing WordPress.

Now let’s jump back to the backend, you have to scroll down until you find the Auto Installer in your hosting management.

auto installer

Click on WordPress and follow the installation instructions, its pretty basic stuff.

STEP 3: Setting up WordPress.

Now that you have installed WordPress, you’ll see something like this in the backend. It may not be exactly the same as I have installed a couple of plugins.


Now the first thing you wanna do is choose a theme and install it. I’d recommend you buy a theme from the start to make things easier down the way but you can make it work with a free theme.


Click on the themes option and from there just click on the add new button.

add new

Choose the theme you like and click on activate and customize it to your liking.

STEP 4: Adding content.

To add content to your website you need to go to Posts>Add new and just create your post.


It won’t look the same for you as I have a paid theme installed but you’ll get it.

STEP 5: Finalizing.

It’s all bells and whistles from here on out, you can add plugins to enhance the systems Ability.

Here are some of the Plugins which is a must for everyone.

  • YoastSEO.
  • Any form plugin, I use WPForms
  • WP-Optimize.

Congratulations – You’ve created your website.