How to Boost Your qr code Marketing Strategy: A Guide to Using Klaviyo and Brij Apps for Capturing First-Party Data

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By Ben Timlons

Unlock the Power of First-Party Data with Klaviyo and Brij Apps

Learn how to supercharge your marketing and business communication by integrating Klaviyo and Brij apps. In this article, we explore the benefits, challenges, and best practices for using both platforms in tandem to create seamless brand experiences for your customers. Brij is a QR Code Experience platform that helps brands connect their channels, while Klaviyo is a data-driven automation platform that enables direct communication with your customers. By integrating these powerful platforms, you can access invaluable data, improve targeting, and ultimately drive sales and customer satisfaction that will boost your QR code marketing strategy for better results.

Bottom Line: Ecommerce business owners and managers should read this article to learn how to harness the synergy between Klaviyo and Brij apps to enhance customer targeting, and streamline marketing campaigns.

“Prediction: As more marketers and business owners adopt the Klaviyo-Brij integration, we can expect to see this combination power innovative use cases, such as location-based marketing, virtual event management, and first-of-their-kind brand interactions.”

How to Set Up Klaviyo and Brij Together

Getting started with Klaviyo and Brij integration is simple. In fact, the entire process should take about 15 minutes. The key steps include:

  1. Creating an account with each platform.
  2. Adding Klaviyo integration from your dashboard by navigating to Settings and selecting Integration.
  3. Connecting your Klaviyo account and selecting the event data you’d like to sync between the two platforms.
  4. Customizing how data is synced using options such as tags, lists, and custom fields.

How Brij and Klaviyo Work Together

Brij and Klaviyo can work together to drive success and generate invaluable data insights. Here are some of the key benefits and use-cases of this platform integration:

  • Data Capture: Merchants can use Brij for detailed data capture, like SKU-level information, warranty registration, and subscription opt-ins.
  • Email Flows and Segmentation: Customizing email flows and segmenting profiles in Klaviyo to send personalized and targeted campaigns based on Brij data.
  • Reporting: Granular reporting and analytics made possible by combining data from both platforms help enhance customer engagement and drive targeted marketing strategies.
  • QR Code Campaigns: Trigger personalized email campaigns in Klaviyo using Brij’s dynamic QR codes


Can I track my QR code campaigns within Klaviyo?
Absolutely! The integration between Klaviyo and enables you to track and analyze the performance of your QR code campaigns with metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and customer engagement.

Can I automate email campaigns based on QR code interactions using Klaviyo and
Yes, the integration allows for automated email workflows triggered by specific QR code interactions, enabling you to send customized emails based on customer interactions with QR codes.

What if I don’t have technical expertise?
Both and Klaviyo have user-friendly UIs and support teams, as well as external docs, to help you get started.

Who can benefit from using Klaviyo and together?
Omnichannel businesses looking to enhance their channels of communication and ecommerce businesses who want to grow their email marketing lists and connect with customers who have purchased through third-party channels will benefit from this integration.

Take advantage of the combined power of Klaviyo and Brij to elevate your business communication and enhance your ecommerce presence. The opportunities for data capture, targeted marketing, and seamless customer experiences are endless when you harness these platforms together.