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By Ben Timlons

Unlock the Potential of Subscription E-commerce with Skio and Klaviyo

Selling subscriptions on Shopify can be a powerful way to grow your e-commerce revenue, but it can also be challenging to manage. This is where Skio comes in. Skio is a modern subscription management platform specifically designed for online brands offering subscription boxes, personalized products, and other subscription-based e-commerce offerings. Brands looking to grow their subscribers and improve customer retention can benefit from Skio’s intuitive subscription plans and seamless integration with Klaviyo, the leading email marketing platform.

Bottom Line: E-commerce business owners and managers should read this article to discover how Skio’s integration with Klaviyo can optimize their subscription management and customer engagement, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Skio’s Integration with Klaviyo: A Robust Solution for All Subscription Needs

Recognizing that Klaviyo is the most common email marketing tool in many merchants’ tech stack, Skio developed an integration that covers a wide range of subscription needs. This integration provides:

  • A multitude of event metrics
  • Valuable data specific to the subscription passed with each metric
  • Custom profile properties for segmentation

Skio’s Klaviyo integration is designed to cater to all types of merchants, from those that offer a single product on subscription to those with multiple products on subscription. This robust event metric data and custom triggers enable merchants to optimize the post-purchase engagement experience, whether they want to set up simple email flows or work with agencies on winback and churn prevention strategies.

How Skio Connects to Klaviyo: The Profiles and Events APIs

To help clients better understand customer interactions with their subscriptions, Skio utilizes Klaviyo’s Profiles and Events APIs. By sending a wide range of custom events through the Events API, merchants can build tailored automated emails for customers. Additionally, Skio leverages the ability to include custom properties for each event, enabling merchants to further customize their email flows based on specific attributes.

Skio’s custom events range from automated triggers indicating a customer’s subscription is set to renew, to events triggering when a customer cancels a subscription. This comprehensive set of events allows merchants to create highly targeted and effective email campaigns that engage customers and drive revenue.

Skio also uses the Profiles API to backfill general customer information, allowing merchants to set up campaigns for inactive or canceled users and potentially win them back with special deals or products.

Innovative Features and Continuous Improvement

Skio’s Klaviyo integration is built to adapt and improve as both platforms introduce new features. Recent updates include the Surprise and Delight metric, which allows merchants to notify subscribers of upcoming free gifts or auto-applied discount codes, helping to reduce churn. Additionally, Skio has built a tool that lets merchants notify subscribers to merge their subscriptions, reducing shipping costs for both parties and promoting sustainable solutions for eco-conscious brands.

Learning from the importance of making setup as easy as possible, Skio now offers detailed setup instructions and best practices, ensuring that merchants get the most out of the integration from the beginning.

A Partnership for Subscription E-commerce Success

In conclusion, Skio’s integration with Klaviyo unlocks the full potential of subscription e-commerce by providing merchants with powerful tools for subscription management, customer engagement, and data analysis. With innovative features and ongoing improvements, this partnership ensures that merchants can consistently take advantage of the latest in subscription e-commerce capabilities, driving growth and customer loyalty for long-term success.