Launch Jacking: Step by Step tutorial.

Launch Jacking

What is Launch Jacking?

Launch jacking is basically a branch of affiliate marketing wherein you ride the trend created for a product and write reviews and publish content related to that product in order to sell the product and in turn you get a commission that varies from about 40% to 50%. Now that we have basic knowledge about launch jacking lets get on with the tutorial.

STEP 1: Finding a Product.

Now there’s a couple of ways this can go about. First and foremost using a website named Muncheye. Go on log on to and then find a product that you think you can promote. Usually, the Products under Big Launches section are worth taking a look at and the highlighted products are given even more hype.


And of course, you can also use other such kinds of sites like:

Now another method that I would like to go in-depth is not known by a lot of people it involves the use of Clickbank. First of all, you are going to need an account on, after that just navigate to the Marketplace section of the site and do the following.

  • Go to your relevant niche.
  • In the filters section, you can change the timeframe to something really recent.

After doing so you should find some products which were released really recent. You can do this and so you would be really on a huge advantage as very few other people would be promoting it and if you get lucky and the product goes viral your content would show up and make you big bucks.

STEP 2: Creating Your Website

There are two ways this can go about. First, let’s discuss the free method, this free method requires you to sign up on a free blog organization like WordPress or the Google alternative Blogspot. There’s another way also which isn’t known widely which consists of publishing a guest post on platforms such as Medium. Now that we have covered the free method lets discuss the paid method. The paid method requires you to set up hosting and domain for your website which can be done in numerous ways. Click here to learn how to make a website in 2020.

Some tips for making a website for launch jacking.

  • Choose a hosting package that lets you host unlimited domains for future ease.
  • Buy a domain name that is as close to the name of the product itself or at least related to it.

STEP 3: Writing an article for your product.

This is one of the most important parts if you want to succeed in this launch jacking business. You see launch jacking works like this.

  • The product owner launches his product.
  • If the product is good a lot of affiliates send their affiliate link to hundreds of thousands of people through their huge email lists.
  • Due to a lot of people getting these emails, they decide to look into the product.
  • They do this by searching for that product review.
  • This is where launch jackers come in, the basic aim is to high jack the search results for that product so that anyone who searches for its review ends up landing on your page and hopefully buying.

So the better your article is written and SEO optimized the higher the chance that people will buy from your link. Some checkpoints for good articles if you are writing yourself.

  • Use Yoast SEO for basic SEO optimization.
  • Use tools like Ahrefs and LongTailPro for finding good keywords.
  • The article should contain some value most launch jackers do this by giving out free bonuses and training etc.
  • The article should at least contain 1000 words.

If you don’t want to write yourself you can also hire people from websites like ProBlogger and iWriter to write your content for you.

STEP 4: Traffic.

This is really important but it shouldn’t be a great deal if you hijack the search results well. You see products which are to be released in for example 1 month would not have any considerable amount of audience. Checklist for driving traffic.

  • Write a good SEO optimized article.
  • Use Pinterest to make pins and link them to your article.
  • Do guest posts on forums related to your niche and create backlinks to your original article.