10 Best Personal Finance Books To Read In 2020

Personal Finance Books

This article provides an in-depth review of the 10 best personal finance books to motivate you and help you obtain a better mindset.

1) The Millionaire Fast Lane

There are no shortcuts to becoming rich and anyone who says otherwise is spouting bullshit. “the millionaire fast lane” by MJ Demarco states the hard truth straight out. MJ shares his personal story of how he managed to retire at the young age of 33 a multimillionaire. Some of the main points he makes are

  1. Wealth stands for 3 things, but none of them is money.
  2. At some point, you must make your income independent of your time.
  3. Think like a producer, not like a consumer.

 2) The Automatic Millionaire

Retiring early and rich, who doesn’t want that? David Bach in his book ‘the automatic millionaire’ points out and delivers the plan for financial success. One of the many major points that he makes is paying yourself first. In ‘The Automatic Millionaire’, Bach talks about why paying yourself first will enable you to become a millionaire, automatically, and lays out a 7 step plan for financial success.

  1. Pay yourself first automatically.
  2. Deposit your paycheck automatically.
  3. Fund your “rainy day” emergency account automatically.
  4. Fund your dream account automatically.
  5. Pay your credit card bills automatically.
  6. Pay all your monthly bills automatically.
  7. Give to charity automatically.

   Following these steps will no doubt lead you to the path of financial freedom

3) The Power Of Broke

Have you ever been down to your last few dollars? You didn’t know what to do? did you entertain yourself with the thought then that there is nowhere to go but up? What you experienced was the power of broke…The power of broke is an exhilarating book that teaches you how to work comfortably and productively even when on edge. Daymond himself started from a $40 budget and fought his way up so he knows what he is talking about, he goes on to share the stories of many other entrepreneurs who had it the same way and shares how they managed to be where they are today.

4) Secrets Of A Millionaire’s Minds

What if I told you that there are a few habits that could dramatically change your life and embark you on a journey to becoming rich. This is what the ‘Secrets of a millionaire’s minds’ does, it points out the habits that had and still help rich people get richer; moreover, this book teaches the audience many other lessons that can help them truly change their financial mindset. Some of them are:

  1. You naturally tend to replicate your parents’ income strategies.
  2. if you want to control your finances, you first have to realize you’re the one at the wheel,
  3. Don’t despise rich people

5) The Introvert Entrepreneur

Think you have to be highly social and an extrovert to run a successful business? Think again. Beth Buelow dismantles this ancient myth with incredible coherence in her book ‘the introvert entrepreneur’, pointing out that not every person has the same way of doing things and different ways of management don’t ultimately advocate something wrong. It is a summarized guide for people who want to establish a business while keeping social interactions to the minimum.

In this book, she teaches the readers how to shuttle their natural entrepreneurial spirit in the way that suits them the most and in a way that is most like them and while doing this she touches a diverse range of topics such as leadership skills, marketing, community building and managing your fears in the most phenomenal of ways

6) Women and Money

Women, an integral part of so many relationships have somehow shut their competencies when it comes to their relationship with money, it’s time for women to finally realize how much control they can have in their life just by being good with money . Suze Orfman in her book ‘women and money’ explains why women should not be submissive with money and how historical and traditional precedents should no longer be a hindrance in a modern women’s life. She shares her own story of how she went from being a waitress making $400 per month to being a successful broker with Merrill Lynch while inspiring the readers and encouraging them for financial stability.

7) You Are A Badass At Making Money

Actually being a badass when it comes to money is something that we all ought to be as it is what defines this era ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ will help you do just that. it’s a book written by Jen Sincero who with a zest of humor makes you fall in love with the awesomeness of money and all the good you can do from it, she does this while sharing her own personal life. Jen in her book emphasizes how important taking risks are and how the vulnerability and uncomfortability of some sensitive situations are what truly molds you and teaches you to be mature with money.

8) People Over Profit

This book is a battle cry to all who participate in the dishonest business, to help employees, employers, managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs understand one thing: people matter

People matter!!! and it is not ok to value money over people. Heartless moneymaking machines are what many firms have now become. Dale Partridge in his book ‘people over profit’ tells the reader how a business can make phenomenal profits while actually contributing to the betterment of the world. Dale lays out a case that businesses who value people over profit are actually more profitable. In the first section of the book, dale breaks down exactly how companies go good from the bad. Companies like Walmart AT&T and Bank of America were not always viewed as bad companies so what prompted this view is a question along with many others’ dale answers quite elegantly in this book.

9) I Will Teach You To Be Rich

A book with so many great financial lessons that it seems more than a book, more like close relative teaching you the realities of life. ‘You don’t need to be an expert to get rich’ is one of the many  lessons the book ‘I will teach you to be rich’ teaches you along with many others like understanding it’s okay to make mistakes, Getting started is more important than becoming an expert; Understanding that it’s okay to make mistakes, Spending extravagantly on the things you love and cutting costs mercilessly on the things you don’t ; Realizing there’s a difference between being sexy and being rich ; Not living in the spreadsheet ;Playing offense, not defense; and Using money to design your Rich Life. As can be inferred from the above-mentioned points this is a compact must get the book for anyone who truly seeks financial knowledge

10) Miracle Morning Millionaire

The miracle morning millionaire is a book that teaches more than just entrepreneurship, it teaches the importance of persistence and helps in developing a character that becomes better each passing day. Hal shares a phenomenal 6-step morning routine guaranteed to have a great impact on your life. some other phenomenal takeaways from this book are: Not isolating incidences of one’s life, getting a good night’s sleep, even if it’s just 4 hours Having a pre-morning routine to get out of bed faster