Breaking down SEO writing

SEO writing

Firstly, what is it? SEO stands for search engine optimization and SEO writing is basically writing your articles in such a way that search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing show them in its first few pages. This ultimately secures more impressions and traffic for the website which is something that every website desires. This can further be authenticated by the fact that according to SEO tribunal, 93% of online experiences begin from a search engine which is why most of all website owners, no matter what kind of content they run, want to be noticed by search engines. This is done through search engine optimization which is considered so important by the website owners nowadays that they even hire special people for this specific task.


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 How to become a good SEO Writer?

 So, now that we know how important SEO writing is let’s look at a few things that help search engine optimization. There are many things that need to be taken rightful care to achieve this task. I’ll now try to list every major point regarding this in the remaining article. Here we go, starting off with:

Basic English skills

  • Being good with basic English and making no grammatical or contextual mistakes of any kind is a very basic but nonetheless a very important part of SEO writing and a part that cannot be neglected. The content being produced must be precise and to the point. Moreover, if it contains a video or an audio clip that acts as a bonus point as it will add diversity to the content and might make the point being made even more easily comprehensible.

Appropriate Keywords

  • Keywords are basically words that are searched on the web and for which you want your article to pop up. They play a very important role in how well an article is doing on the search must be written from 5 to 10 times throughout the article. They must be written with subtlety and must not sound unnatural: meaning that it should not disturb the flow of the text. The keyword phrase for this very article is “search engine optimization”

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Some problems regarding keywords that you might face

 Another very important point to keep in mind is that some keyword phrases are very competitive and hence you might not get enough attention even if you use it the right amount in your article. To tackle this, you can choose comparatively less competitive keywords which will at least give your article a better chance to be in the limelight. This is done by using three to four-letter words as your keyword. . is a very good and easy to use website which will give you a number of keywords regarding the topic that you are currently working on. An additional problem that SEO Writers might face is that they might have to use an abnormal formulation of words as their keyword phrase as many people don’t put much thought to typing and write whatever that comes to their mind. There are several different ways to handle situations like these, you can use punctuations or prepositions in between the phrases so it doesn’t sound unnatural; for instance, the key phrase “eye specialist LA” can be turned into “eye specialist in LA” as these short prepositions and punctuations are often ignored by the search engines.


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The content you make must be search intended

We will start by defining what search intended is. Search intended means exactly like what it sounds, it means to understand the intention of the user at home who will be putting in the keyword phrase. The user at home could be searching a word for informational purposes and other times for transactional purposes. For instance, when you type “lawyer” into the search engine the first few results are about the nearest located lawyers or law firms which means that most of the people who type in the word “lawyer” are doing so to actually reach out to a lawyer. Whereas when you type “civil law” into a search engine the first things that pop up are informational, like what civil law is and if you use “lawyer” as a keyword for an informational article it probably won’t work as the search engine will figure out that is not something people typing in the word “lawyer” most often seek.

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Satisfying the searcher completely from the article:

A searcher must not feel the need to open another website after opening your article as this is not perceived as something good by the search engine. So you must completely inform the reader in the most easily digestible of ways whatever it is that you are writing about, this means knowing what type of information does the searcher want

And seeks the most. How do you that you ask? there are a few very simple ways you can that: first of all, an easy way of doing this is to look at the “people also ask” section of google.

 It can give you a very good idea of some of the things that you might have to address in your article to make it search engine optimized and a good article that will satisfy the clicker completely. Moreover, there are also websites like that are very efficient at telling the most frequent questions that people have regarding a certain topic.

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Some other points that might help:

Referring to external links is also something that will help the searcher feel more content from your page as he/she would not physically need to search once again, in addition to this screenshots, pictures add diversity while making things more clear and last but not the least headings, especially the ones that use emotive words and specific digits like “8 Amazing tricks to becoming a better typist”

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