Unlock the Secrets: 3 Proven Tips for Successfully Launching Your Next Big Product

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By Ben Timlons

An Eco-Friendly Packaging Revolution: How Hero Packaging’s Innovative Marketing Strategies Led to Success

Anaita Sakar and Vik Davé were fed up with seeing mountains of plastic waste from their business all around their home. When they couldn’t find any sustainable alternatives, the couple got inventive. They experimented with materials and created 100% home-compostable shipping packages, which they named Hero Packaging. Their brainchild proved to be a hit, garnering over $1 million in investment funding and attracting 50,000 customers in just a few years.

Bottom Line: Learn about the innovative marketing strategies that helped Hero Packaging skyrocket its growth and discover how to apply these tactics to your own eCommerce business in order to have better results when launching your next big product.

3 Key Marketing Tips for an Innovative Product

Anaita Sakar shared her top tips for promoting a groundbreaking product that no one had ever seen before:

1. Create Targeted Ads

Anaita and Vik wanted to gauge the demand for an eco-friendly packaging solution, so they ran targeted Google Ads. This helped them determine that there were others interested in finding sustainable options and increased traffic to their website even before their product was launched.

2. Build Your Email List Pre-Launch

Anaita and Vik drove traffic to their pre-launch site and offered a free sample to anyone who showed interest and signed up. In a week, they received 1,000 sign-ups, which gave them the confidence to start production with their goals in sight.

3. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Hero Packaging uses the questions they receive from customers to create informative and eye-catching content for various channels. Anaita says, “It is critical that we are just pumping content—whether it’s educational or product-based—to every platform at any given point in time.” Their content marketing approach has helped attract nearly 100,000 followers on their Instagram page.

Anaita’s insights showcase the importance of using innovative marketing strategies to promote a new product, especially one as unique as Hero Packaging’s. To learn more about how Hero Packaging achieved explosive growth with its marketing efforts, check out their full story on the Shopify Masters podcast.