Boost Your Sales with These Proven Photography A/B Tests for Product Images

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By Ben Timlons

Mastering the Art of Product Photography for Ecommerce Success

Bottom Line: Persuasive and engaging product photography is crucial for capturing attention and driving conversions in ecommerce. Discover the secrets to success with A/B tests for product images in this must-read article for ecommerce business owners and managers looking to boost sales.

Size-comparison Product Photos

According to usability and conversion optimization expert Karl Gilis of AGConsult, size comparison product photos are powerful tools for putting products into context. By showing the actual size of your products, you can help potential customers set their expectations accordingly.

Using Smiling and Non-smiling Photos

While studies suggest smiling faces can positively influence the perception of unrelated stimuli, it’s important to find the right balance. In some cases, pictures without people in them may work better for promoting products because it allows potential customers to imagine themselves in the scenario.

Authentic Product Photos Convert

User-generated product photos appear more authentic than professional shots and can subtly provide social proof. They show that real customers have purchased your products and are happy to share their experience with others. So, don’t hesitate to incorporate authentic, customer-submitted photos in your ecommerce store.

Image Size Matters

Research by Speero has found that image size can influence engagement and perceived value, but the impact varies depending on the type of product in question. For example, increasing the size of product photos for design or experience products can actually reduce average perceived value. The key takeaway is to avoid one-size-fits-all solutions and test different image sizes for different product types.

Consider Auxiliary Products

Inspirational product photos can be powerful selling tools in ecommerce, but some visitors might also be interested in the auxiliary products featured in the images. By providing links to these additional products, you can make it easy for your potential customers to discover and purchase them, too.

Don’t Forget About Product Details

A study by Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) revealed that visitors pay close attention to photos that contain relevant information while ignoring those that don’t. The more informative and detailed your product photos, the better they tend to perform in terms of capturing attention and driving conversions.