Revolutionize Your Shipping Process: Effortlessly Print Shipping Labels from Anywhere with the Shopify Mobile App

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By Ben Timlons

Discover the Convenience of Mobile Shipping Labels with Shopify

Continuity and accessibility are critical for entrepreneurs operating online businesses today. Commerce platforms like Shopify strive to enhance these elements by continuously updating their services. A noteworthy update discussed in a recent Shopify blog post reveals how entrepreneurs can now efficiently manage shipping labels using the Shopify mobile app.

Bottom Line: This article is a must-read for e-commerce business owners or managers as it breaks down the simplification of shipping processes via the innovative Shopify mobile app, thereby improving productivity and customer service speed.

Given the proliferation of digital technology, it’s expected there will soon be an explosion of similar features across other e-commerce platforms. The future likely holds increasingly mobile-focused business management solutions to accommodate entrepreneurs looking for flexibility.

Download the Shopify mobile app

The Shopify mobile app is designed with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind. It combines powerful tools for creating, growing, and managing your business. For merchants based in the US and Canada, this includes the ability to buy and print shipping labels from your phone.

Key features of the App:

  • Creation and printing of labels instantly or for later use
  • Full access to Shopify Shipping tools
  • Free download for both iOS and Android mobile devices

Efficient Workflow with Shopify

The Shopify mobile app optimizes order fulfillment and shipping workflow for businesses, reducing reliance on a computer. This means less waiting time for shipping labels creation. It simplifies and speeds up your workflow, ensuring faster delivery of products to your customers.

Order Processing and Fulfillment

With the Shopify mobile app, processing orders becomes more comfortable and faster. The App provides a simple three-step method to creating shipping labels:

  1. Pick an order and tap “Create shipping label.”
  2. Select your carrier and shipping service.
  3. Buy a shipping label and print.

The App is designed to detect nearby printers using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, eliminating the need for installation.

Great Customer Service with Shopify

The ability to manage shipping from anywhere enhances customer service. For instance, a prompt delivery of order confirmation emails can reassure customers that their order is being processed quickly and efficiently. Also, the Shopify mobile App enables you to fulfill, refund, and archive orders, thus ensuring a positive customer experience.

Getting Started With Mobile Shipping

Starting with mobile shipping is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is download or update the Shopify app for iOS or Android, and you can access all the Shopify Shipping functionality immediately.

You can print your own shipping label at home using the Shopify tools you have access to; simply select an order, create a shipping label, specify your carrier and shipping service, buy a shipping label, and print it on your compatible printer. This efficient, streamlined process can greatly benefit your e-commerce business.