Uncover the Secret to Maximizing Customer Reviews for Your Ecommerce Business

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By Ben Timlons

Boost Your Ecommerce Sales with Customer Reviews: All You Need to Know

This blog post is a rewrite of an insightful piece from Shopify that explores the importance of customer reviews in ecommerce and offers insights on how businesses can leverage these reviews to enhance their marketing strategies and customer relationships.

Bottom Line: If you’re an ecommerce business owner or manager, this article will equip you with clear mechanisms to increase customer reviews, which in turn, can significantly improve your conversion rates and boost sales.

As we journey further into the digital age where online shopping evolves to be the norm, acquiring genuine customer reviews are likely to become even more critical for ecommerce success. Looming developments in AI technology could transform how ecommerce businesses sift through and leverage reviews, implementing data-centric strategies for superior customer engagement.

How to Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Reviews could be the distinguishing factor for your business in a competitive market. However, the hurdle is enticing satisfied customers to write their positive experiences. The strategy is simple: provide customers with the necessary information they need, smoothly and tactfully. This can not only refine your marketing stratagem but also enhance your relationship with your customers.

Different Types of Ecommerce Reviews

  • Google Reviews: Crucial for SEO, Google reviews are public ratings that customers can post on your business’ Google profile. They appear alongside your listing in search results. To generate such reviews, setting up your business profile is the first step.
  • Review Websites: Websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Trustpilot are central repositories of social proof, where customers independently log in and share their thoughts.
  • Review Features on Your Ecommerce Website: You can incorporate customer reviews directly on your website through review apps integrated with your Shopify store. These offer superior customization capabilities than Google or third-party review sites and allows you control over placing reviews in line with your branding.

Importance of Ecommerce Product Reviews

Product reviews drive your marketing efforts automatically. They offer persuasive social proof, bolster SEO, and enhance other marketing strategies.

Potential Advantages of Ecommerce Reviews

  • Promote word-of-mouth marketing and personal recommendations
  • Build a content library
  • Boost credibility and enhance customer perception
  • Heighten SEO efforts
  • Attract new customers
  • Create personalized customer experiences
  • Identify relevant keywords
  • Improve product development

6 Strategies to Get Positive Reviews for Your Online Store

Customers often won’t leave a review unless the experience was exceptionally good (or bad). Hence, it is crucial to encourage customers to leave reviews, especially positive ones. Here are six easy ways to increase the number of positive reviews for your store:

  • Ask for a review
  • Simplify the review process
  • Offer incentives for leaving a review
  • Respond to the reviews
  • Handle negative reviews appropriately
  • Be honest about reviews

How to Add Reviews to Your Ecommerce Website

You can add reviews to your product pages using Shopify’s in-built features or a third-party review app. If you opt to use an external app, remember to check out its installation instructions as these may differ.

Where to Display Reviews for Maximum Impact

Once you have an array of customer reviews, find the perfect spots to showcase them — places that map to the customer’s sales cycle and non-intrusively provide social proof when a customer may have an objection. The best locations often include product pages, social media, social ads, dedicated review pages, and abandoned cart emails.


Reviews are pivotal to most online buyers’ purchasing decision. As an online business owner, gathering and effectively displaying them at different touchpoints is crucial. Use Shopify’s website builder to add reviews to your ecommerce site once you have a solid collection. By sending out well-timed emails requesting reviews and offering incentives for leaving reviews, the chances of a customer leaving a review increase. Remember, honesty is key when responding to reviews. Through this, you can boost trust, drive sales, create happy customers and refine your brand’s online reputation.