The Branches Of Commerce

The Branches Of eCommerce
  1. Trade
  2. Transport
  3. Storage And Warehousing
  4. Distribution
  5. Marketing
  6. Insurance
  7. Communication
  8. Banking


Trade can be defined as the action of buying-selling, exchanging goods and services. Trading is done between the companies, countries and people. Likewise, people or companies that buy and sell goods and services are traders. Basically, this branch of commerce has been with us for a long time. People used to barter goods and services with each other. Surely, the world has been changed so much however, people still need trade. Because it allows citizens of most countries to get the products they want or need. Moreover, countries sell these products to earn money which helps both the selling and buying countries at the same time. Therefore, trading is still today one of the most important branches of commerce.


Transportation is moving of goods and people from one place to another. Indeed, it is one of the main force in modern businesses. At first, it connects the business with its supplier and consumer. Secondly, it is very vital to support the moving of goods. Moreover, it supports the need for time and place. For example, planes and ships can be used to import and export many kinds of products. Transport business itself has a very huge market as public transports are used globally. For instance, air transport has helped millions to safe their time. Likewise, shipping helps businesses to reach a wider market. Therefore, without successful transportation business cannot reach maximum potential.

Storage and warehousing

Storage and warehousing are used to store goods and supply them whenever they are needed. For example, a building can be used to store goods. This building is known as a warehouse. For instance, the stored goods can be any raw material or finished good related with agriculture etc. Therefore, they also protect the products. Moreover, it allows the business to respond quickly to the demand of consumers as products will be already available. Furthermore, it ensures the quality and long life as products can last more in warehouses. Undeniably, it is very beneficial for businesses.


Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for the people who need it. This can be done directly by the producer or service provider. Moreover, another way of doing it is by using indirect channels with distributors or intermediaries. If you sell directly to consumer it is known as direct distribution. However, if you use a distribution network it will be indirect distribution. Therefore, indirect distribution helps the business to reach a large number of customers. Distribution has many advantages for instance, it will reduce overall cost. Eventually, it will lead to effective marketing and growth rate of sales will increase as well.


Advertising/Marketing is a process to persuade customers to buy your product. For instance, a brand displays an ad with a celebrity to endorse its product. In the long run, it helps the business as people are reminded by the advertisement. Moreover, there are more types of marketing as well. For example, target marketing in which businesses focus on age, gender, income and geographic features. Furthermore, it helps the business to reach more customers. Eventually, this process maximizes sales and makes business more successful.


Business insurance helps companies manage risks by providing financial protection from losses. Basically, It gives a sense of security and safety to the businessman. For instance, most businesses have business property and inventory. If there is any type of accident leading to damage or property loss of business assets. A general liability policy covers the business to some extent. Moreover, it allows a business to get loans easily as the property is insured. Surely, insurance is important as it provides security for both human life and the business environment.


Communication is information sharing among people within and outside an organization. It is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. As long as, communication is effective Your team members and employees will feel empowered. Moreover, they will be ready to act as they have a better understanding of what they should do. Furthermore, effective communication boosts employee’s morale. Another key point is that it increases customer satisfaction and also increases productivity. Therefore, effective communication can lead to a successful business.


Business banking is a company’s financial dealings with an institution. Basically, this institution provides business loans, credit, and savings and checking accounts. These are specifically designed for companies instead of individuals. Moreover, it provides safety for public wealth. On the other hand, there is a risk of fraud and robberies. On the positive side, online banking has made many things easy as it saves time. However, the risk of fraud and hacking is still there. At last, banking is very important as it provides the security of money and provides a loan to run a business successfully.