Why is digital marketing important? 2020

Digital marketing has become a renowned phrase nowadays. As the impact it can have on a business are ginormous, to say the least. And this impact is just going to increase every coming year as the online platform and community grows and develops even further. Moreover, this is something that will have an everlasting impact. As every business, no matter how big or small knows that they should get involved with digital marketing. This will help them in various ways. Ways like raising awareness for their newly established brand, keeping close to their customer base while catering to their queries of all sorts. It also means that the business will be able to reach and interact with a wide range of audiences.

A picture of online marketing to better answer Why is digital marketing important? 2020
Why is digital marketing important? 2020

What is digital/online marketing

Simply put, digital marketing refers to promoting your product/service/brand using various platforms. The platforms could be PPC advertising, online marketing, SEO or anything that makes your product known.

Why is it important?

  • It levels the ground between big and small businesses. Online marketing provides small and medium-sized businesses to actually compete with the big guns in the industry. As they can also perform and attract the audience through in the same manner as the big companies as this is not much capital intensive
  • Digital marketing actually converts people into customers. The actual result of online marketing is judged by the rate of conversion which involves SEO and email marketing which we will discuss in detail later
  • It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. As we have already discussed in the first point, it doesn’t require much capital and provides way more value than whatever it does cost. The cost-effectiveness of digital marketing can be inferred by the Gartner’s digital marketing spend report. According to which 40% of businesses said that they were able to make considerable savings just by using digital methods of marketing
  • It helps generate more sales. According to Google, companies using digital marketing strategies will have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. Moreover, small and medium-sized businesses will also have a relatively higher chance of 3.3 times to expand their workforce and business.
  • Targeted audience: Actually engaging and interacting with your target audience can tell you what they actually like and dislike.

Some more points

A picture of online marketing to better answer Why is digital marketing important? 2020
Why is digital marketing important? 2020
  • Digital marketing also interacts with mobile users. To start off, 91% of adults in the U.S.A always have their mobiles within reaching distance. Mobile phones are becoming more and more important part of daily life each passing day. And hence are a big influence on people’s purchasing decision
  • Digital marketing builds an image and a name. It helps you make a brand and raise awareness for the brand nearly everywhere in the world if you want. Moreover, if you deliver on your promises and keep your customers satisfied it is guaranteed to take you on another level
  • It also develops trust for your business. Digital marketing uses social media signals and other people’s reviews and testimonials to actually develop a good customer base for you. According to Neilson Global Online consumer’s survey, 90% of respondents claimed that they would trust information about a particular brand, product or service if the data comes from the people they know.
  • You can use many different methods online to entice people. By giving them special coupons organizing online events and other stuff of this type
  • Increases visibility of your business. And you probably left behind by your competitors if you don’t already have an online platform.

Now let’s look into some of the major components of digital marketing that you need to know so that you are well aware of the things that can help your businesss’ online presence to grow

1. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization basically refers to optimizing your website for search engines like Google. So that, whenever someone searches something relevant to what you have published/posted, you are the first thing that Google shows the searcher, no matter where geographically the search is from

Simply put, this means working your way to actually be ranked by google for searches. There are a lot of things, more than 200 of them in fact, that Google considers when it comes to ranking. Google asks questions like how many times is the keyword mentioned throughout the text, what’s the content like… will it really be helpful, does the page have internal links, the quality of the site, who is the writer, is the page linked to authoritative sites, is the site mobile optimized, is it secure and many others. Many websites try very hard to optimize their content to these questions so that they are what google ultimately chooses to show for a specific keyword. This is known as Search Engine Optimization. We have a related article if you want to learn more ” Breaking down SEO writing”.

A picture showing some different factors that can affect SEO
Why is digital marketing important? 2020

2. Web Design

This is a very important aspect as this is one of the first things that the audience sees. Moreover, this is what they base their first impression of your brand on. So, you need a beautiful looking site that is interactive and engaging as you not only want to leave a good impression but also want to be as helpful as possible while making them stay on your site as long as possible

3. Pay per click advertising

A picture of ppc to better answer Why is digital marketing important? 2020
Why is digital marketing important? 2020

This is basically paying money to get traffic from Google. This is not long term and is not recommendable but can prove helpful whilst you are establishing your Google ranking through SEO. One good thing about this is that you only pay when someone clicks on your add. Hence the name pay per click advertising. If you want to learn more Freshbooks has a great article on this so give it a look “What is PPC

4. Content Marketing

This basically refers to putting to publishing great and high-quality content and let it advertise itself. This requires a lot of hard work but is definitely worth it and pays off quite well in the long run

5. Social Media

Social media is an irreplaceable part of normal life in this day and age. A further authentication of this is the fact that more than 3.8 billion people from all over the world use social media. And this number is only increasing as awareness and technology spreads. People with a big enough following on these platforms can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for promoting brands and their products.

6. Email Marketing

 So what is email marketing? It is exactly what it sounds like. Simply put it is interacting with the customers a personal level promoting your product in a good way and making a loyal customer base.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your product. Based on the data from 2018, it was ranked the most effective marketing channel !!. Surprising, right? you might be wondering why. Well, this is probably due to the sheer number of people using emails as data from 2017 shows that about 85% of adult internet users have an email. This is more than the search engine’s percentage by 15% and social media’s by 22%. So, Without a doubt, email marketing is immense potential and importance in the business world. To further elaborate, here is another fact about email marketing, According to the Direct Marketing Association, you get $40 for every $1 that you spend on email marketing. Which is a fantastic return on investment and something that you rarely see with other platforms?

7. Mobile marketing

A whopping 5 billion people around all over the world use mobile phones which means a lot of them also access the web and visit a lot of sites every day. It was estimated in 2019 that nearly 53% of the traffic coming on sites from mobile phones. Mobile marketing is basically creating content and adds accessible by those mobile users. For instance, websites optimizing themselves for mobile phones so that they are more helpful. Mobile optimization also helps sites in SEO. I hope this article was helpful if you have any further questions do use the comment sections below


Digital/online marketing without a doubt is a very important aspect formed in this day and time. As it can not only change the way your business is perceived but can have a drastic effect on your sales and revenues if done right. Moreover and most importantly, it helps you make a brand name and image. So, if you are a new business or even an old one you should definitely start digitally marketing your business yourself and don’t forget to learn the basic know-how if you want to outsource so that you are not duped. Anyways, hope this article was helpful, if you have any further related questions, feel free to use the comment section below.